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N&W Zip

Cashless Payment System

The base reader module is configured for use with either key only or key and card. The base module is programmable, and permits the collection of statistics. It is composed of:

  • A reader (Key or Key + card)
  • A CPU module
  • Connection cable
Programming can be performed with:
  • Psion palmtop and Flash
  • Handheld Programmer
  • Special Data Key (permitting "cloning" of the main system data)
  • Maxi Key
Statistics Collection
Alternative statistics collection methods:
  • Psion palmtop and Flash;
  • Maxi Key (approximately 100 machines);
  • Data Key, ZIP data can be collected via the special key, capable of storing data from approximately 30 vending machines;
Software Update (Flash)
The ZIP system is fitted with a flash Eprom that can be easily updated using the Maxi Key or, with FLASH from version 3.0 release, also by means of a PSION palmtop terminal; in both cases a specific adapter kit is necessary.
Flexibility and Expandibility
  • The modularity of Zip enables it to be configured to meet the specific requirement of each application
  • ZIP can work with either executive or MDB protocol
  • It is also possible to interface Zip to other payment system, such as change-giver coin mechanisms, validators and bill accepters

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N&W Zip