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ArcticStar 55

The Simplicity You Want – The Technology You Need 

Modern design, sturdy & reliable. Hot & cold cooler has a hot water booster button & ECO light sensor to save up to 33% in electricity. The ArcticStar 55 can be fitted with SIPNeo3 automatic sanitising which can reduce sanitising frequency by 50% 

Product Features 

Hot & Cold

  • Booster button to raise hot water from 90˚C to 95˚C
  • ECO sensor saves up to 33% in electricity costs 
  • SIPNeo3 can be retro-fitted (*Floor-Standing units) to achieve maximum hygiene and reduce the need for sanitising visits by 50% 
  • With SIP sleep mode activated, energy consumption can be reduced by up to 61%  

Ambient & Cold

  • Manual taps and lack of any PCB’s or solenoids makes for easy maintenance

The Machine

  • Modern, reliable, manual push down taps. Tamper & break resistant. Hot tap with safety lock 
  • Hot water booster button to raise the temperature from 90˚C to 95˚C  (Limited quantity) 
  • ECO sensor turns the boiler off when the office lights are switched off. Saves up to 33% in electricity 
  • The drip tray can be connected to a 3ltr or 10ltr overflow tank or directly to the mains drainage. This can include a pump, to pump the waste up to 150m & 3m high 
  • Cowling to fix the cooler securely to the wall. (Supplied separately). This also fits the AA3300X, Arctic Chill 88/98 & ArcticSpring 100C 

Technical Specification

DescriptionDimensions (H X W X D MM)Weight
POU floor standing1135 X 340 X 34018 KG
Bottled floor standing1165 X 340 X 34018 KG
POU table top460 X 340 X 34015 KG
Bottled table top463 X 340 X 34015 KG


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